Cork Points

Cork Points are SH Joness loyalty scheme, they are the easiest way to knock pounds off the cost of your basket (and even easier to earn). We have three methods of earning Cork Points, and these are listed below.

We're re-vamping our loyalty scheme to make it bigger, better and altogether more rewarding for you.

While we do this, you can still earn Cork Points in the following ways:

1Writing a Review.

Product reviews are worth 25 Cork Points, equivalent to 20p per review! Purchases are listed in your account management section, but you can review any of the products on the website via the product page.

2Adding Images.

Upload an image of your reviewed product with a food match (or just the bottle itself) and we'll top you up with a bonus 50 Cork Points! That's 60p off your next order for one review and an image!

3 Recommending a Friend.

Recommending friends earns you 25 Cork Points per friend. When your friend orders, we'll credit you 625 Cork Points, that's £5 per friend! It doesn't matter how much they spend, the 625 Cork Points (plus the initial 25) are yours for being a great friend!