BMA Must not be Allowed to Demonise Wine Drinking ‚Ä" It Makes no Sense

Like the BMA, we believe that the wine and spirits industry has a duty to promote sensible and moderate consumption of alcohol.  We do this in a number of ways, from supporting the DrinkAware campaign through to promoting (quite heavily) very low alcohol wines like our best selling Arca Nova White 2008.

But what we cannot allow is the BMA to start to push the wine industry down the same path as the tobacco industry, through restrictions on advertising and marketing.  Wine is nothing like tobacco for one simple reason:  there have been numerous studies which show that moderate consumption of (especially red) wine have measurable and demonstrable health benefits.  Consumed in moderation further studies have shown that wine drinkers live significantly longer than non wine drinkers.  The NHS and our health services benefit from the reduction in heart related issues that moderate consumption of wine undoubtedly brings.

This is not the case with tobacco.  No study has ever shown any health benefits from the use of tobacco, and even its moderate use has been shown to substantially shorten life expectancy.

So yes by all means let’s address the limited and isolated issue of teenage binge drinking and adult alcoholism and the problems that that causes our health services.  But we must be strict with the BMA and insist that they acknowledge the proven health benefits of wine drinking in moderation.  We must not allow the demonization of a healthy product in the name of solving a problem that does not exist for the vast majority of moderate wine lovers.

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