Launches UK’s First Online Sommelier

Simon’, Slurp’s new Online Sommelier, is a step towards revolutionising the wine buying experience.

Slurp’s research has shown that a trip to the wine shop can be an intimidating experience. Bewildered by a range of products (which often give little clue as to what is inside) customers often grab a bottle on the basis of the label alone. Fear of mispronouncing a name or exposing their own ignorance often precludes them for asking for help.

We think we can make things better by starting to combine the help and advice of a knowledgeable merchant with the unpressured and unthreatening environment of the web browser.

‘Simon’ will respond to enquiries by producing a list of suggested wines to match any requirement, occasion or food pairing. Customers type in any string of ‘wine relevant’ words and Simon responds with his best suggestions. You might type “red, dinner, steak, romantic, affordable” or “white, scallops, lunch, value” - whatever the requirement or occasion – ‘Simon’ will produce a customised list of alternatives.

Simon is able to provide (in most cases) a good list of suggestions because he compares the words entered by the customer against a vast database of ‘tags’ entered painstakingly by Slurp against each individual wine. Simon also weights the results according to how popular wines have proved with other Slurpers – ensuring that the most relevant and popular products are returned first. Simon has over 3,000 products to choose from – courtesy of Slurp’s enormous range of wines.

This version of Simon is only the first iteration of an Online Sommelier tool. He will certainly not be perfect and will undoubtedly make a few mistakes. But we will be working with our customers to train him to become closer and closer to the perfect wine merchant – offering helpful, impartial advice in an unthreatening environment.

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