Slurp Sees Further Upside in Fine Wine Prices

In a research report released today Investment Research argues that we are currently only halfway through a new bull market for fine wine prices which could see prices rise another 170%.  Comparing the current bull market with the one from 1993 – 1997, Slurp predicts further substantial upside (followed by a period of consolidation).  With hindsight, Slurp argues that the 20% correction in Jun-Dec 2008 will be seen as a small speed bump in a long term bull market which started in 2004.  According to the indices provided by Liv-ex, fine wine prices have now recovered all their ground lost during the credit crunch. 

Aside from the experience of the 1990s bull market, Slurp points to the ever increasing quality of fine wines, to the rapidly increasing global demand base, to the need to hedge paper currencies with assets in fixed supply and to the generally tax advantageous nature of fine wine investment.  But the current market is being driven higher almost exclusively by a small number of wines, most notably Chateau Lafite and Carruades de Lafite.

In today’s note, Slurp’s researchers have highlighted a number of wines which have lagged the 2009-10 rally and suggest that long-term investors pick these up at current levels.

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