Slurp Lists 500th Beer ‚Ä" Appoints New Manager to Oversee Strategic Push Into Non-Wine Products today announced that its range of specialist beers has passed the 500 mark, and that it had appointed Mr Richard Ellis to the position of Beer and Spirits Manager.  The appointment marks a major strategic commitment by Slurp to expand more aggressively into non-wine alcoholic drinks.

Since launching its specialist beer range in late 2011, Slurp’s sales have been rising steadily on the back of increased listings and some exciting promotional campaigns.  In beer, Slurp has utilised the same strategy which has driven its explosive growth in wine, offering a large number (around 250) of different specialist beers by the single bottle for next day delivery (with no minimum order) – encouraging customers to try as many different ones as possible.

In terms of promotion, Slurp has been creative in designing mixed cases around regional and topical themes.  A recent best seller was its ‘Australia Day’ Mixed Case of 12 high quality Australian beers from four different producers.  Of course Slurpvision has played a role, with Richard featuring in a recent video tasting a super-premium German beer (Schneider Weisse Nelson Sauvin - click here to watch).  Slurp Beer has its own dedicated Twitter account (#slurpbeer), through which beer Slurpers are kept apprised of trends and offers on Slurp’s dedicated Beer home page (

In terms of sales, Slurp has been surprised at the popularity of Australian, New Zealand and American beers.  These have been the strongest sellers, with more traditional Belgium and German beers struggling to keep up.  Antipodean beers represent three of Slurp’s current top six best sellers.  But the overall number one spot is held by US favourite Pabst Blue Ribbon.  And the Brits?  The craft brewery movement in the UK (Brewdog being a good example) are increasingly popular with beer Slurpers, and Ellis believes it will not be long before the best of British is challenging the ‘new world’ for supremacy.

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