New Checkout Design a Hit with Slurpers

This week Slurp's development team rolled out a redesigned, and much simplified, new Checkout for

The new Checkout features a simple one page design with voucher codes and the popular ‘Cork Points’ programme available via the ‘Basket’ section.  The new Shopping Basket automatically refreshes if any changes are made to it, and it is now much easier to change delivery options on the Checkout page itself.

The new format was in action quickly as it coincided with one of Slurp's fastest ever selling sales promotions - of the highly rated Darien Rioja Reserva 2007.  Thankfully, the new Checkout held up very well and Slurp actually recorded a slightly higher conversion rate of Baskets into Completed Checkouts than previously.  So the new simplified Checkout appears to be repaying its development costs immediately.

The new Checkout will be rolled out to other Slurp brands ( and in the next few days.  Slurp is also now working on a ‘one click’ checkout facility for its returning customers.  This is expected to be delivered in March 2012.

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