Slurp’s Response to the Daily Offers Craze Introducing: SLURP DEALS

Today Slurp unveiled its much anticipated response to the daily offers phenomenon sweeping Britain (and the world!).

Slurp Deals – launched on today ( - will market daily offers with a difference. Every Slurp Deal will feature a full video tasting note showcasing the product and explaining why it was chosen. Slurp’s Head of UK Retail Services Emily Acha Derrington explains the thinking:

“Our customers are not generally interested in promotions based on price alone. They are discerning, and whilst everyone is attracted by a bargain, they need to know that each Slurp Deal is something genuinely special. We want to show them the product up close and personal; its look, taste, some background information and why we love it. This is why our resident tasting expert Victoria Daskal (of SlurpVision fame!) will present a dedicated tasting video note of each one."

To receive Slurp Deals, customers will need to sign up to a regular email, making it more like a private buyer’s club. But unlike some competitors, Slurp will not try to extract a monthly subscription or minimum spend. Slurp Deals will feature a wide range of products from well-known wines, through premium beers to spirits and accessories. Discounts will reach 70%, or even 80%, in some instances. Two deals at different price points will be offered simultaneously. The Deals will be strictly limited in terms of time and availability. Customers will be encouraged to share the Deals through social media links.

Slurp has been quietly gathering subscriptions for its new initiative over the past couple of weeks and has already had a great response. Slurp Deals will now be the subject of a major marketing campaign across multiple channels as Slurp looks to boost its distribution list past 100,000.

Following today’s launch in the UK, Slurp Deals will roll out on Slurp’s French site shortly, and then it will migrate to the series of European sites currently under development. Slurp aims to be running large pan-European deals on multiple sites before the end of the year.

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